Referd is a comprehensive referral program designed for business owners, enabling them to incentivize users by rewarding them for successful referrals. When users refer a friend, both parties stand to receive gifts. These gifts can either be selected from a diverse range of gift cards that can be bought from our platform or can be customized by business owners for their users.

Our platform features a user-friendly widget for seamless reward redemption, making it easy for users to claim their incentives. Additionally, Referd provides detailed analytics through a dedicated analytics page, offering insights into user referral activities. To enhance user engagement ,push and email notifications are also available, ensuring a robust and rewarding referral experience for both businesses and users alike.

Referd Docs is where you can find all the resources you need to start integrating our engagement, rewards, and retention experience to your customer. These resources should take you through our fast and easy integration guide with little effort. You will find all needed resources on APIs and mobile integration SDKs.

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You can integrate with Referd using our REST APIs that are organized around REST principles. Our APIs have resource-oriented URLs, accepts form-encoded request bodies and return JSON-encoded responses.

In addition to the REST API, Referd has official libraries\SDKs for different programming languages and mobile platforms. Integrating Referd into your app or website can begin as soon as you create a Referd account, all you have to do is to check the Guided steps depending on your technology for:

Or directly use our REST APIs.

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