Push Notifications

Integrate your app with Referd push notifications and interactive in-app messaging.

Referd uses Firebase to deliver maximum experience in your app. This includes push notifications, interactive in-app messaging.

Configure Referd With Your Firebase

Before you start, you must configure your Firebase on your Referd account. Follow the steps in Configure your Firebase account on Referd for mobile push notifications article from our Help Center related to push notifications.

Handling Push Notifications Integration

For notifications handling, add this code to the onNotification function in your app:

onNotification: (notification) => {
// you need to check the platform because firebase send the notification based on the platform

if (Platform.OS === 'android') { // Android
                  // send notification direct to InAppNotification as described below
        else { // IOS
          if (notification.data.isGB) {
                  // send notification.data to InAppNotification as described below

Import InAppNotification

import {InAppNotification} from 'react-native-gameball';

InAppNotification takes the following properties:




Pass the notification data received from the server


You can use it in different two ways: one is by adding it directly underneath the main app like shown.


Another approach is to have a separate component which handles the InAppNotification component and pass to it the data directly.


After that, add it underneath your main app component as follows.

        <AppNavigator />

Your users can now receive push notifications from Referd.

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