Getting Started

Install the Referd iOS SDK into your app

The Referd SDK for iOS enables you to use the show Referd user profile in your app, track app user events, integrate referrals and display Referd's in-app push notifications.


Follow the below steps to start installing the iOS SDK to your app

1. Add Cocoapods to Your Project

If your project is using CocoaPods, skip to the next part of this article, Add Referd Pod.

  • Open the terminal window

  • Navigate to the root folder of your Xcode project

  • Run the following command in terminal

$ pod init
  • Close Xcode if open then open your project’s newly created .xcworkspace

  • Your project is now using CocoaPods to install dependencies

2. Add Referd Pod

  • Add the code below in your Podfile which was created by CocoaPods

source ''
target 'YourAppName' do
           pod 'Gameball',
  • Navigate to your project’s root folder in a terminal window

  • Run the command below in terminal

$ pod install
  • Referd will install several Pods that it has as dependencies.

When the Pod command finishes execution, you will have Referd installed and ready to use.

Referd is also available through [Swift Package Manager]. To install it, simply search for 'Referd' or add the repo URL:


Import the SDK into the created pod, using CocoaPods, to setup the Referd Widget in the best way for your use-case.

In order to use Referd you must configure a GameballApp.

  • Import our pod to your viewController

import Gameball
  • Create a global GameballApp variable in your viewController to access anywhere within your viewController

var gameball: Gameball?
  • Then initialize it as the following:

gameball = Gameball(
    apiKey: "YOUR_API_KEY", // The only required field
    lang: "ar",
    shop: "MyShop",
    platform: "iOS",
    completion: { [weak self] in // Completion block when SDK init is completed
        guard let self = self else {return}
        // You can enable showing profile, registering player, etc. see next section




Client API key



Your platform language preference to view Referd Widget with. Note: The language provided should be as per configured languages in your account. If not provided the Referd profile widget will be shown with your account default language.

Example: "en", "fr".



Completion block that gets called when the initialization of the SDK is completed

You may also check the sample project here to view full implementation.

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